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Friday, October 1, 2010

About this blog.....

The main purpose of this blog is to throw some light in the dark and confusing alleys and corners of C. C is one of the most powerful programming languages. You think of anything running on computer and C is there,either running underneath or openly on top.Its versatility has made it most dependable language for system programming,writing OS, compilers,embedded systems,other higher level programming languages and whatnot. It has a limited grammar and programming constructs,when compared with other languages,nonetheless it does not undermine its capability to tackle any case which other languages can handle.For a beginner or intermediate level programmer,it becomes a hard nut to crack when C throws its esoteric features as errors and segmentation fault.When I started learning C,I am still a learner,I could not find a single book or resource which could address all the questions and doubts.This is my attempt to collect the explanations of some frequently encountered questions and doubts.

PS- This blog is hard-coded to evolve with my progress in C.

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